Pedestrians Rhythms By Neigborhood

San Diego’s CityIQ system consists of about 4,400 smart street lamps, which use a variety of sensors to track parking, pedestrians, traffic and a variety of environmental conditions. This analysis reveals pedestrian paterns using time-oriented heatmaps.

Imperfect Tests and The Effects of False Positives

The US government has been widely criticized for its failure to test as many of its citizens for COVID-19 infections as other countries. But is mass testing really as easy as it seems? This analysis of the false positive and false negative rates of tests, using published sensitivities and specificities for COVID-19 rt-PCR and antigen tests, shows that even tests with slightly less than perfect results can produce very large numbers of false positives.

Isochrone Analysis

An isochrone is the area of travel from a point in a constant time, which allows for more realistic analysis of retail cachment areas than a simple radius.

Crime Rhythm Maps

Temporal heat maps of Crime in San Diego, broken out by community, with bonus FFT analsis