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Data Analysis

Affordable data analysis for public and private data. Let us help with answering your data-driven questions with charts, tables and statistics.

Data Wrangling

The hardest part of a data project is finding, cleaning and transforming data. Even if you are an expert analyst, our data wrangling services can make your next project much easier.

Indicator Websites

Data-driven indicators sites are easy, until you try to collect the indicators. Our services can ensure you have a solid library of indicators, without any of the hassle.


Pedestrians Rhythms By Neigborhood

San Diego’s CityIQ system consists of about 4,400 smart street lamps, which use a variety of sensors to track parking, pedestrians, traffic and a variety of environmental conditions. This analysis reveals pedestrian paterns using time-oriented heatmaps.

Imperfect Tests and The Effects of False Positives

The US government has been widely criticized for its failure to test as many of its citizens for COVID-19 infections as other countries. But is mass testing really as easy as it seems? This analysis of the false positive and false negative rates of tests, using published sensitivities and specificities for COVID-19 rt-PCR and antigen…

Crime Rhythm Maps

Exploring crime patterns with Ryhthm Maps, heat maps with two time dimensions.

Isochrone Analysis

An isochrone is the area of travel from a point in a constant time, which allows for more realistic analysis of retail cachment areas than a simple radius.

Rent During COVID

Rents are declining in some large metros and increasing in some small metros, an indicator of an important but not widespread shift.